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humor. love. humanity.
Lilach Gradient


"The performers also have some standout moments: Halima Henderson...has a priceless bit as a messenger with no grasp of social cues." 

The New York Times

"...Hats off to Halima Henderson, who is delightfully on point in several supporting roles, including that of a messenger with a remarkable sense of recall, and a seemingly benign bishop."  

-Talkin' Broadway

"Halima brings originality, humor, love and a deep and honest sense of humanity to everything she performs. Someone to watch and root for. A gem."

-José Rivera, Oscar-Nominee

"To try and inventory each of these performers’ talents and how they shine in the multiple parts they play would result in a lengthy dissertation. Suffice to say that each gives nuanced, expressive, and deftly funny portrayals of a myriad of roles."-TheaterScene

"The highlight of the show... Halima Henderson fully commit[s] to it. The end result of which is a moment that is both hilarious and heartbreaking." -NYTheater

"Cast her, or wait and be late."

-Rachael Holder, Writer+Director 

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I am a NYC based actor from Bay City, Michigan, where we are famous for the birth of Madonna (the popstar not the Virgin Mary), and sugar beets. 


I love acting on both small and big screens, creating comedic characters in 99 seat theaters and performing Shakespeare in parking lots, Plus, I self-produced my first (award-winning, eek!) short film  Sorry


Off stage, you'll find me in front of the classroom working in youth development, leading improv based acting workshops as a teaching artist for Opening Act and as a certified yoga teacher.  I've run a half marathon, love holiday movies (call me, Netflix!), and am finding my way on my guitar 'Hattie'.


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